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Welcome to our Diving Service Center

We setup our service center and filling station in the heart of the French cave country in Lot.
We enjoy to provide you the best service, and all the help you need to arrange your stay.

About us

In 2014 we built our online shop PROTEUSHOP as technical and cave divers.

We moved to the Lot, in the land of caves, at the end of 2018, in LIVERNON, in a beautiful location in the region, offering an ideal and central position towards the caves, but also a large indoor/outdoor space and excellent logistical access, a rarity in the protected area of the Regional Natural Park of Causses du Quercy.

In addition to the filling station, we offer services to divers and instructors with our shop, service and training centre, equipment hire and soon storage, drying and recharging facilities for your lights and scooters.

Our building is located 15 minutes from Le Ressel, and about 30 minutes maximum from most of the most famous caves (Marchepied, Landenouse, Saint Sauveur, Cabouy, Font Del Truffe...), allowing you to focus on your leisure activities and avoid wasting time driving.
We are also only 15 minutes from Figeac, the largest town in the area, where you will find a splendid outdoor market under the old covered hall on Saturday mornings, shops, supermarkets, numerous bars and restaurants, bowling, cinema etc. Much more pleasant to fill your moments of relaxation than other small cities where the rare restaurants close at 20h.

Take a look at our cave map and use the GPS points to easily find the caves and your dive centre!

Filling Station is open 7 days a week from 9h00 to 20h30

Opening hours

The inflation station is open all year round, 7 days a week from 9h00 to 20h30.
If for special and exceptional reasons we have to be absent, we always inform our customers on our social networks Instagram and Facebook, we therefore invite you to subscribe to our pages to follow our news.


We have two BAUER VERTICUS 15 compressors, each delivering 450l/min - 27M3/h. A third compressor of 15m3/h is dedicated to the manufacture of mixtures up to 32% oxygen and trimix.

The air is filtered with the BAUER Securus P61 system to ensure excellent breathing air quality.

Gas banks

We have 4 air banks 4x50L each, total of 16x50L 350b, that is 280M3 of air ready to use.
We also have 3 banks of Nitrox 32% 5x50L each, total of 15x50L at 350b, that is 262M3 of Nitrox 32 ready to dive and 3 banks of Trimix 10/70, 15/55 and 18/45 with 3x50L each at 350b, that is 157M3 of pre-mixed Trimix.


We have an MPS TECHNOLOGY blender to make Nitrox and Trimix in continuous flow and fill our banks with mixes up to 32% oxygen. 2 compressors of 27 + 15M3/h can make mixes at the same time, a huge 69M3/h!

Mixing Panel

In order to achieve the mixed gas on demand, we have implemented a solution that allows us to combine the advantages of cascade and overpressure techniques. 4 banks of oxygen (4x50L) and 4 banks of helium (4x50L) are connected to the distribution manifold and the bypass of the booster.


We use high quality boosters and mixer from MPS TECHNOLOGY to make any desired mix

Further developments of our inflation station are planned. To be continued!


For the safety of the filling operators and customers, all high and low pressure compressors, air, oxygen, helium, nitrox and trimix banks are located in a separate room for storage and ventilation. This allows us to ensure maximum safety in the event of an incident.
It also allows us to better control the ambient temperature and maintain a comfortable noise level.

Gas & Rentals


Price List
AIR per cylinder up to 240b5€/cylinder
AIR per cylinder up to 300b6,5€/cylinder
NITROX 32% per cylinder up to 240b8,5€/cylinder
NITROX 32% per cylinder up to 300b10€/cylinder
Other on request gas price list
OXYGEN 0,025€/L
NITROX 320,0041€/L
TRIMIX 10/700,040€/L
TRIMIX 15/550,033€/L
TRIMIX 18/450,027€/L


Filling for AIR and Nx32% is for global volume of cylinder/s (ie considered as empty).
Minimum price per cylinder is 5€/filling.
Argon cylinder below 1,5L are free for air fills.

Any cylinder suspected in bad condition won't be filled.

Payment by cash or Credit Card VISA/MASTERCARD accepted, all banknotes are checked with a counterfeit detector
All prices are taxes included.


We propose for rental the standard cave diving equipment

  • Backplate / harness / Wings
  • Cylinders : double or stage
  • Main light and backup light

For our cylinders, it is strictly not allowed to fill out of Lot Filling Station. We charge 30€/cylinder for any cleaning.

Rental can be done for 1 day, 2 days (-10%) or 5 days (-20%).

Products1 d2 d5 d
Double 7L 300b or 8.5L 230b15,00€27,00€60,00€
Double 12L 230b20,00€36,00€80,00€
2L / 3L10,00€18,00€40,00€
S80 11L15,00€27,00€60,00€
S40 5.8L15,00€27,00€60,00€
S006 Argon10,00€18,00€40,00€
Light Main (Min 3h)15,00€27,00€60,00€
Light Backup10,00€18,00€40,00€
Backplate SS 3mm witd DIR harness/crotchstrap10,00€18,00€40,00€
Backplate SS 6mm witd DIR harness/crotchstrap15,00€27,00€60,00€
Buoy 17L / 22L10,00€18,00€40,00€
DTEK Drysuit (trilaminate cordura / silicon wrist & collar) / rockboots / 5 mm hood30,00€54,00€120,00€
DTEK TRS320 undergarnment & DTEK TRS320 socks10,00€18,00€40,00€


Cylinders are rent empty.
Ask in advance for rental planning and availabilities.

Payment by cash or Credit Card VISA/MASTERCARD accepted, all banknotes are checked with a counterfeit detector
All prices are taxes included.

Pay What You Use !!

We propose a new principle.

We stock and rent ready to use cylinders that can be used as stage or bailout.
The rental is bit more expensive than empty cylinder, you will be charged only the gas you used.
Pressure and gas analysis are done before and after the rental.
For those cylinders, it is strictly not allowed to fill out of Lot Filling Station.

Example : you rent 1 day an S40 of 100% Oxygen @ 200b for 20€
- as bailout you don't use gas, there is no over cost
- as deco stage; you used 50b, then you are charged the complement (50bx5,8Lx0,025=7,25€) plus the rental, total is 27,25€.

Rental can be done for 1 day, 2 days (-10%) or 5 days (-20%).

Products 1 d 2 d 5 d
S40 Oxygene 100%20,00€36,00€80,00€
S80 Oxygene 100%20,00€36,00€80,00€
S80 50%20,00€36,00€80,00€
S80 32%20,00€36,00€80,00€
S80 21/3525,00€45,00€100,00€
S80 18/4525,00€45,00€100,00€
S80 15/5525,00€45,00€100,00€


Payment by cash or Credit Card VISA/MASTERCARD accepted, all banknotes are checked with a counterfeit detector
All prices are taxes included.

We propose initiation, exploration, training and technical courses in open-circuit and rebreather

Initiation and discovery

Never tried overhead and/or cave environments? Come for a day or a weekend and discover our beautiful caves. We'll guide you to some nice and easy caves to get your first overhead sensations.

Minimum accepted level : Level 1 / CMAS divers * / Open Water with 25 dives

Training ang exploration

The Lot department has a very large number of underground cavities due to its exceptional geology in the foothills of the Massif Central mountains.

More than 80 caves are available for training and exploration to be done within your diver and cave prerogatives in any configuration open circuit or rebreather, backmount or sidemount.


As PSAI and TDI facility, diving and service center, we can train you to start and raise your knowledge in technical diving. There is some few open water places and about 10 caves with easy access to allow most of courses.

We are always training and increasing our skills to provide new courses so let's keep in touch!


Ask in advance for planning and availabilities.
Courses & dives organized for 2 students minimum. Not including gas, lime
No course can be done without completing previously administrative documents, and without providing required certificates, insurance and medical statement.

Cave Discovery, Guiding and Training Duration Price
Discovery 11 dive120€
Discovery 22 dives180€
Guided / Training dive 11 dive (1h)120€
Guided / Training dive 21 dive (2 to 3h)180€
Technical Courses Duration Price
Nitrox1 day180€
Advanced Nitrox2 days180€
Drysuit2 days360€
Twin set2 days360€
Advanced Buyancy Control3 days540€
Sport DPV2 days360€
Open Water Sidemount2 days360€
Full Face Mask1 days180€
Nitrox Gas Blender1 days180€
Advanced Gas Blender1 days180€
Booster Gas Blender1 days180€
Nitrox + Advanced Gas Blender2 days360€
Nitrox + Advanced + Booster Gas Blender3 days540€
Overhead Courses Duration Price
Cavern Diver3 days540€
Intro To Cave Diver3 days540€
Full Cave Diver5 days900€
Cavern + Intro To Cave5 days900€
Cavern + Intro To Cave + Full Cave8 days1.440€
Cave Decompression4 days720€
Overhead Sidemount2 days360€
Overhead DPV2 days360€
CCR Cave Diver5 days900€
Rebreather Courses Duration Price
CCR Try Dive1 dive150€
ISC Megalodon Rebreather Diver (Non-Decompression Diving)5 days900€
ISC Megalodon Advanced Rebreather Diver (Decompression Diving)5 days900€
ISC Megalodon CCR Diver Crossover 3 days540€

Organize your stay around us

We do not currently manage accommodation, however, we can recommend some solutions around our dive center.

Cottage or wood tents in the camping La Deveze in Livernon

This is the closest and very adfordable place. They propose you a cottage and comfortable wood tents.

Cottage Le Mas de Laurensou

A friend caver (Mario) is renting a cottage for 5 people in Grezes.

Mobil-Homes in the camping Le Bois de Sophie in Lacapelle-Marival



345 allée de Coupille 46320 Livernon - FRANCE / +33 7 67 22 78 56
GPS Coordinates : 44.65791405647252, 1.8519544383562243
Code GoogleMaps MV52+5Q Livernon

To find us

Unfortunately, the GPS maps are not up to date for our address, please find below the directions to reach us.
At the roundabout near the GAMM VERT shop in LIVERNON (intersection of the D802 and D653), take the direction ASSIER, then turn left. Then follow the road to reach the filling station (opposite you at the cul de sac, between the dump center and the notary's office).
Our premises are in a large wooden building that you can't miss.